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60 degree ED Wide Angle, 70 degree Wide Angle, 70 degree Ultra Wide Angle, 80 degree WA


60° ED Wide Angled (1.25in)    
Model #Focal Length (mm)Field of View (°)Other 
5mm Wide Angled560fully multi-coated 
8mm Wide Angled860fully multi-coated
13mm Wide Angled1360fully multi-coated
15mm Wide Angled1560fully multi-coated
18mm Wide Angled1860fully multi-coated
25mm Wide Angled2060fully multi-coated
70° Wide Angled (2in)    
Model #Focal Length (mm)Field of View (°)Other 
26mm Wide Angled2670fully multi-coated 
32mm Wide Angled3270fully multi-coated
38mm Wide Angled3870fully multi-coated
70° Ultra Wide Angled (1.25in/2in)    
Model #Focal Length (mm)Field of View (°)Other 
3.5mm Ultra Wide Angled3.570fully multi-coated
13mm Ultra-Wide
5mm Ultra Wide Angled570fully multi-coated
8mm Ultra Wide Angled870fully multi-coated
13mm Ultra Wide Angled1370fully multi-coated
17mm Ultra Wide Angled1770fully multi-coated
80° Wide Angled    
Model #Focal Length (mm)Field of View (°)Other 
11mm Wide Angled11801.25in, fully multi-coated 
15mm Wide Angled15801.25in, fully multi-coated
16mm Wide Angled16802in, fully multi-coated
20mm Wide Angled20802in, fully multi-coated
30mm Wide Angled30802in, fully multi-coated